Muhammad Alaa

Build a Responsive Website for AL-Ghanim Wormald Company in Kuwait.

Website Design, WordPress Development

AGW offers Consulting, Trade, Contracting, Firefighting & Fire Alarm, and Plumbing services. Consulting and analysis services are basis to a more efficient planning and sustainable success, thus, AGW has decided to expand in the field of consulting, contracting and trade, to leverage the very high caliber team they’ve elected, as well as the collective experiences they comprise as a well-thriving team of integrating efforts, skills, and knowledge.


AL-Ghanim Wormald AGW in Kuwait.



Consulting, Trade, Contracting, Firefighting & Fire Alarm, and Plumbing services.

My Role

For this project, I took on the role of UX Researcher, UX Designer, and Web Designer. I defined the product with deliverables such as a persona, feature roadmap, card sorting activity, and the user and task flows. I was also responsible for ideating designs, conducting usability tests, and applying revisions.


Problem: Design a responsive website that showcased the services and products that AGW provides. AGW would like to find a way to move requests digitally to minimize contact and also provide customers a way to learn more about them digitally due to pandemic moving limitation. AGW has a website but it's not a professional and doesn't give a good image about the company, and has not been updated for more than 6 years. Solution: Design a responsive, simple and professional website that could be reached from a desktop, tablet, and mobile. The website will give the user the ability to show services and products. contact AGW with any product inquiries and learn more about the company, its history and staff.